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If you would like to get involved with any of our events we would love to hear from you! 


Jennifer Morgan, Mom to T=Paul, Age 3

I'm very thankful that we have a hospital that specializes in treating children and knows how to deal with children when it is a freak accident, not a routine everyday illness. 


Jennifer Plauche, Mom to Carlie, Age 2

It's unbeliveable that they were able to diagnose her in hours.  That's what saved her life. 


Ashley Gann, Mom to Raiden, Age 3

Everyone was so wonderful.  I mean they saved my child's life...I thank God every day they were there and able to pull him through.  


Rebecca Klar, Mom to Barrett, Age 1 

We feel so adamant that Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital is the best place where he can get the care he needs, the specialized care that he needs, that we will spend the rest of our lives supporting the hospital to try and make a difference there because they have made such a difference in our lives. 


Jill McRight, Mom to Elise, Age 8

The doctors that were in there were amazing.  They were great.  They were knowledgeable.  They were top of the line


Cristal Leblanc, Mom to Justin, Age 12

These things happen in our area, and we don't have a pediatric hospital that's able to handle things like this.  They (pediatric transport team) made me feel safe. 



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